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How Guarantor loans can help you financially

If you are having any financial loan issues plus you are worried of not getting your loan approved because of your poor credit score, Guarantor loan is the best way to opt for.

These loans require a guarantor or a so-called co-signer to sign on behalf of your repayment of loan. The main reason behind choosing a guarantor is his credit score. He must have an exceptional good credit score so that the lenders approve the loan immediately. This is also an add on to boost your poor credit score.

Steps to get a Guarantor loan

Basically, the forms are available online which are provided by sites of guarantor loan lending companies. These are the simple steps to get the loan:

  • Find a company site which provides form for getting a guarantor loan.
  • Fill in the online form and put all the details you have been asked for.
  • Fill in the reason for which you require this loan along with the amount. The company will thoroughly go through these to ensure that the reason and the amount entered are valid and genuine to prevent any scam.
  • After you entering the Guarantor’s details, he/she will receive a call from the company. This is to ensure that the person you’ve chosen as your guarantor really exists and that you are not faking it out just for the sake of the loan.
  • They will verify all the details about the guarantor and approve the document.
  • Next, they will call both the borrower and the guarantor to ensure that the parties truly know about each other and the guarantor being selected as one. Being a guarantor is a very risky job, since the guarantor is the ticket for the borrower for getting the loan approved. If the borrower fails to pay off the loan, the guarantor is fully responsible for the due amount.
  • Make sure that your guarantor has a debit card since the transfer of the amount you require is done via debit cards and they do not accept credit cards.
  • After all the cross check and verification are done, the loan is being approved. The amount is finally transferred to the guarantor’s debit account to make sure that you are not just faking out an account to get a loan for yourself.

What are the benefits you get?

  • Credit score boost

Because of the guarantor’s good credit score, your poor credit score is boosted. That’s really helpful for your future requirement of loan.

  • Credit search not mandatory

Unlike other loans, guarantor loans do not demand for credit search. It’s not mandatory.

  • Huge amount borrowing

Good credit score of your guarantor allows you to borrow a huge amount from the company which is not possible with your poor credit score.

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