Other Loans

What loans are the best to help you financially?

Some loans provided in US are:

12 months loan

These are short termed loans which are provided to the customers to fulfil their pending expenses like for repairing of home or cars and furniture etc. due to shortage of funds.

Though this loan is easy to get, these norms are to be fulfilled to get the loan:

  • Age should be 18+
  • You need to be a US citizen
  • Active checking account is required
  • You must have an earning source.

Failing any of the above will not approve your loan.

Applying for 12 months loan

The forms are available at the online site of different ‘12 months loan’ lending company. You are required to fill all the details online for which verification will be done via calls or mails and then your loan is approved.


  • Your credit score is not a major issue for this loan.
  • You do not need to keep any security against this loan.
  • There are no mandatory rules for payment. It’s all on you if you pay it monthly, yearly or weekly.
  • You get 11 months of repayment which is enough since the amount is small.
  • The loan gets easily approved.


  • Interest is very high.
  • Rate of interest is not fixed, i.e. it may rise.

Personal Loans

These are short termed loans. People who are having trouble to fulfil their daily expenditure can opt for this loan. Since these loans are in small amount, they are easily approved.

Different personal loans are:

  • Overdraft Protection
  • Personal Line of Credit
  • Loans against Credit Cards
  • Term loans

This kind of loan totally depends on how much you earn annually to assure that you pay off the loan without difficulty. Good credit score can be a benefit for the loan approval.

Logbook loans

Logbook loans are the ones where the borrower transfers the ownership of their vehicles to the lenders until the total pay off of the loan. The borrower, however possess right over his vehicle and uses it till the loan repayment. Once, loan is paid off, the borrower gets his ownership back. If not, the lender gets his full right to seize the vehicle or sell it without any court notice.

True that this is easy and quick money but the risk stays on that if you cannot repay the loan, your vehicle will be ceased. Also, your vehicle must be worth 500euro or more. You are not allowed to take more than half the amount of your vehicle as a loan.

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